INTA 2017 Announcement

Intellectual Property Rights are an important part of our Law Firm’s practice. Not only do our Attorneys provide support and advice when a client’s IP rights are being breached, but we also assist beforehand, so that violations of these rights can be prevented as much as possible. A solid network of IP professionals around the world enables us to keep giving this level of assistance to our clients.

This year Schurman Advocaten will again participate at the INTA Annual Meeting, which is held this year in Barcelona, Spain from 20 to 24 May. The INTA Annual Meeting is the world’s largest and most widely-attended trademark event. Two lawyers from Schurman Advocaten will be present: Humphrey Schurman and Elleson Fraenk.

Mr. Humphrey Schurman can be reached via +597 8816809 and/or and Mrs. Elleson Fraenk via Both attorneys will participate in various workshops and meet with colleagues and clients.