In 2008 I completed my secondary education (VWO) at the School Community Nickerie. In 2009 I started to study Law at the Anton de Kom University of Suriname. After my BA, I started in 2014 with my Master of Education (Master Surinamese law). I hope to finish this training in December 2016.

In the year 2012 I started working at Schurman Advocaten as an intern and I was able to follow some courses as ‘Business Writing for lawyers’. Meanwhile, I am now working at Schurman Advocaten as a paralegal expanding my practical experience.

The jurisdictions in which I want to specialize are labor, personal and family law and inheritance law. Under the guidance of the attorneys I deal with procedural disputes in various jurisdictions and also give legal advice.

Besides my study and work at Schurman Advocaten in my spare time I practice yoga, read a lot and give the necessary support and advice to families; friends and acquaintances.