In 2004 I finished my law studies at the Anton de Kom University of Suriname. After my studies, my first job was at the Surinamese government, a reason for me to study Good Governance. In 2007  I completed successfully the training in Public Administration and Governance at the  Lim A Po Institute for Social Studies thus earning the degree of Master in Public Administration.

By working at the Department for Foreigners at the Ministry of Justice and Police, I have gained quite some experience in the field of Immigration / Migration Law which enabled me to give presentations and courses to individuals and organizations dealing with foreigners.

From 2013 I joined Schurman Advocaten as an intern and under the supervision of lawyers I am responsible for providing legal assistance to clients. The jurisdictions that appeal to me most are international law, criminal law, human rights and corporate law.

I now await to be sworn in as a lawyer. In the meantime I follow courses organized by the government for future lawyers. I am also a part-time lecturer at the Anton de Kom University of Suriname. And I am involved as field director at N.V. IDOS Consultancy (Institute for Service Research and Study).

In my spare time I like to read.