Contract law deals with matters such as the conditions, duration and termination of agreements. Contract law is a part of civil law and deals with commitments as the result of a unilateral or bilateral legal act or an actual act (such as tort) between people. These parties may be individuals or companies.

If one party fails to perform he is in default. This means that the debtor is either not performing at all, or not timely and/or completely. The other party (the creditor) then generally can:

  • demand that the other party yet meets the conditions of the agreement and reimburses any damage suffered by the untimely fulfillment of the contract;
  • claim a compensation;
  • terminate the agreement and claim compensation for the damage suffered because the agreement has not been fulfilled, but dissolved;
  • seek partial dissolution and require partial compliance.

How can Schurman Advocaten help you?

Schurman Advocaten reads the contract before you sign and advises you regarding possible adjustments in your favor. We discuss with you possibilities to force the party in default to comply with the terms of the agreement or whether it might be better to dissolve the agreement. In consultation with you, your lawyer decides how you will proceed. Every step will be discussed with you to ensure the best results.