Four legal students learn the tricks of the trade

Knowledge comes to us in many different ways but through the centuries the most valuable method, that of the master who initiates young people in his profession, has proven to be the most effective. This certainly applies to a discipline such as the law. Of course, the theory is of great importance, but only in practice do you learn how to be a good lawyer.

Four young legal students, working at Schurman Advocaten are given the opportunity to be initiated by a master in the profession.

Mr. Ewald Ombre, former judge of the Court of Justice, meets, at the invitation of Schurman Advocaten, weekly with Danielle Berenstein, Rosaria Alasa, Odessey Ling and Sajonara Sporkslede in which he takes “his pupils” by hand and learns the tricks of the trade.

Humphrey Schurman, opened the first meeting on December 7 and again emphasized the great value of these meetings, for Schurman Advocaten but also for the future lawyers themselves.

The four students are happy with this opportunity and considerate it a unique addition to the lectures of the University.