Inheritance Law

The inheritance law regulates the rights and obligations of heirs. Even when the deceased has made a will, the legal rules must be follo­wed. Anyone of 18 years or older may differ from the statutory rules by making a will. In principle, you are free to make arrangements about your legacy with one exception, this is in case you have children. They can put aside some of the provisions in a will by relying on their legal portion.

Legacies are often the source of misunderstanding and disagreement. It is therefore important that everyone makes a will to end any ambiguity about the destination of his/her possessions.

How can Schurman Advocaten help you?

Schurman Advocaten is the right place for advice about your wishes regarding your belongings when you’re not around anymore. Schurman Advocaten will discuss all opportunities and pitfalls of inventory issues in general and gives you advice about the steps to be taken. Schurman Advocaten will also assist you in finding a notary in case you want to make a will.