Intellectual Property

Inventors, designers, developers and authors need to protect their ideas. This can be done through copyright or patent law. Thus, they prevent others from unfairly taking advantage of their creations or inventions. Companies own the intellectual property of their logo, product, brand name, trade name and thus protect their rights. This law makes it possible to prohibit third parties to use the creation of another without permission.

Intellectual property refers to the set of exclusive rights granted by intellectual creations. Two categories can be distinguished:

  • Industrial property: including inventions (patents), trademarks, industrial designs and geographical indications,
  • Copyright including works that are literary and artistic. There are also rights related to a number of rights that are in addition to the copyright, and a performer or producer to decide the privilege of recording, reproduction and broadcast of a performance and there receive fair compensation.

How can Schurman Advocaten help you?

Your lawyer will assist you in establishing your rights at the Office of Intellectual Property in Suriname (J. Lachmonstraat). In addition, you need a lawyer if your brand / name / logo / product is used without your permission by another party.