Labour Law

Labor law is concerned with the agreements between the government, the employer and the employee. The government determines the framework and the employer and employee make agreements that apply to their specific situation. This concerns agreements on the rights and obligations of the employer and the employee.

How can Schurman Advocaten help you?

Both employers and employees are can turn to Schurman Advocaten when it comes to questions and conflicts within labor law. This could be about fees, about days off but also about security and working conditions. Schurman Advocaten has a broad experience is labor conflicts. The first step is mediation which turns out the most successful, also in cases of termination of employment.

Schurman Advocaten specializes in assisting foreign companies who need their workers to move temporarily to Suriname or who seek local employees. We advise on licenses, on registration with the Chamber of Commerce, with the labor agreements, with the fringe benefits, with the safety regulations and also with the tax authorities.