Criminal Law

The Criminal Code dictates the rules and regulations in our society. Not following these rules is a criminal offense. There are two types of criminal offenses namely: violations (such as ignoring a traffic light) and crimes (such as assault, burglary, etc.) A violation will be punished by a fine. In crimes there will be imprisonment.

The Public Prosecutor prosecutes suspects of crimes and offenses. A person will be considered a suspect when there is a reasonable suspicion of guilt. Until the contrary is proved you will be deemed to be innocent.

Criminal law grants the accused certain rights. For instance, the suspects has, throughout the process, right to legal counsel. The judge listens to your lawyer and to the Prosecution and then determines whether a criminal offense has been committed and, if so, decides on the punishment to impose.

How can Schurman Advocaten help you?

Your attorney will discuss with you the possibilities in detail. You will be supported before, during and after the process. If you and your lawyer are not satisfied with the verdict your lawyer will help you to appeal which means that your case will be brought before another judge. Your lawyer will do whatever is necessary to ensure the most favorable outcome for you.