Environmental Law

Environmental law is the set of rules that aim to protect the environment. Environmental protection is enshrined in the Constitution and is elaborated in various specific laws. The environmental regulations are described as the legal instruments for the protection of:

  • soil, air and water from pollution;
  • excessive use of natural resources;
  • degradation by human interference in the environment.

The environmental regulations describe tools that can be used to protect and improve the habitat of citizens. The main tools are plans and programs, permits and general rules.

How can Schurman Advocaten help you?

The preservation of our environment is very important for Schurman Advocaten. Mr. Humphrey Schurman has contributed to the environmental legislation of Suriname and is still closely involved with various environmental measures. Schurman Advocaten advises companies and organizations on the need for and obtaining of permits and licenses, and advises on the enforcement of environmental laws.