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Legal problems in Suriname?

Do you have questions about your plot in Suriname, about family law matters, such as divorce, estate issues, money claims, in short, about all possible problems in Suriname that are difficult for you to solve from the Netherlands. Mr. Read more ⟶

HRS Seminars

Recently Schurman Advocaten has been approached by “Surinamese Nederlanders” who want to safeguard their interests in Suriname but do not know where to go in Suriname. Some have never even been to Suriname. Read more ⟶

The rights of the Environment

A new way of looking at environmental law is being developed. In the new thinking we all share responsibility for our environment and we all have the right to take legal action against environmental pollutants. Read more ⟶

Law and Order

Domestic but also foreign visitors of our website regularly ask us what the situation is with the Surinamese law. Read more ⟶


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