HRS Seminars

Recently Schurman Advocaten has been approached by “Surinamese Nederlanders” who want to safeguard their interests in Suriname but do not know where to go in Suriname. Some have never even been to Suriname.

During his last stay in the Netherlands, Humphrey Schurman held on request a short introductory lecture on estate issues.

Natraj TV Talktime with Mr. H.R. Schurman

Clarity on this subject is of the utmost importance. Many family disputes arise as a result of the division of assets while the law is clear and disagreement can be avoided by calling in expert help in time.

Humphrey Schurman will be making more such “seminars” in the near future in collaboration with Natraj TV. He will also organize mini lectures in the Netherlands on subjects suggested by Surinamese Nederlanders, Dutch government officials and others. Consultation hours will be linked to these lectures so that tailor-made advice can be given.

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